Electronic Design Specialists (EDS) makes specialty test equipment designed to troubleshoot problems quickly. 

Click on photo for more informationThe CapAnalyzer 88A series II checks electrolytic capacitors in-circuit for both ESR and DCR with no unsoldering. It is the only capacitor tester that discharges the cap, checks it for low DC Resistance (DCR) up to 500 ohms, reads out high-frequency Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) from 0.1 ohm to 20 ohms, and compares your readings to industry standards on the three-color chart right on the front panel. The included one-handed tweezer probe with beryllium copper tips allows testing of both normal and surface-mounted electrolytics and uses coaxial cable instead of normal test-probe wire for stable readings on small capacitors. 60-day satisfaction or money-back guaranty.

Click on photo for more informationThe LeakSeeker 89 locates the exact spot on the pc board (to within a fraction of an inch) where a shorted or leaky component is bringing a power supply bus or data line to ground. It is the only locator that can locate defects from zero to 300 ohms with no loss of resolution. It can even find active shorts that a DVM won't even show. The high GAIN mode can locate shorted components on multi-layer boards with ground planes and a power layer. Amazing! 60-day satisfaction or money-back guaranty.

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