EDS introduces the first successful marriage of the wireless security system and the wireless environmental monitoring system...

Typical wireless security systems have lots of limitations that make them useful as interesting toys, or very low-end security systems. Environmental monitoring systems are usually wired, expensive, limited-feature systems that only monitor a few conditions. The EMS-911 , currently in pre-production prototype form, consists of a receiver module, up to eight remote modules, an optional pendant (keychain) remote, and a large number of external accessories to form a complete package. The links are 418mHz wireless, or optionally wired (using a standard 4-conductor harness) and communicate on a trinary-coded CSMA/CD network.

The Receiver
The tiny receiver can be flush- or surface-mounted on a wall, or can simply sit on a table. It has indicators for all eight zones, indicators for conditions at each zone such as low battery, warning status, alert status, and call-out status. A built-in voice chip, amplifier and speaker call out the zone violated and the type of violation. An RCA jack allows the audio to be broadcast to a PA system or home-wide audio system. The receiver also incorporates a modem and dialer, and can dial out and send DTMF tones, ordinary voice, or digital signals. Besides the voice callout of the zone and violation, a 30-second spot can be recorded by anyone to give specific information, such as the address, or someone else to notify. There is also a DC jack that powers up while the EMS-911 is dialing; this can power a small 12 volt siren or a relay.

The Zone Modules
The zone modules are also unique. Each deluxe module monitors up to six conditions at once: Excessive heat or cold, intruder motion, water seepage, contact make or break, person-in-distress, and internal battery condition. Upon a condition warning or alert, the zone module transmits the condition and module number to the receiver. The receiver can track all six conditions at all eight modules, for a total of 48 possible warnings. Each module also has a "panic" button that can notify the receiver of a person in distress at that zone, or optionally also to arm or disarm only the intruder sensors at all modules at once, while leaving the environmental sensors on-line. The panic alert signals the receiver to warn audibly through its speaker/amplifier so that other family members can tell when granny slipped in the bathroom again and needs help.

The Pendant
The pendant can also arm or disarm the security sensors while leaving the environmental sensors on-line. The panic feature is quite different from the zone modules. If the pendant button is held for five seconds, it signals the receiver to dial a silent alarm, person-in-distress alert. Good for those hostage situations where it might be inadvisable for the bad guy to hear the warning.

Besides the deluxe zone module, smaller, specific modules to sense only one or two conditions are availiable. The door and window modules are smaller, and do not care whether the contact is normally open or closed; the internal microprocessor memorizes the normal contact condition on powerup, and simply looks for a change in contact status. A smoke detector module and a carbon-monoxide module are also availiable, as well as a module that includes both smoke and temperature sensors.