The SemiAnalyzer 59C. Series 002 is shown
The SemiAnalyzer 59C. Series 002 is shown.

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Original ad from 1995:
What do Ford Aerospace, DuPont, General Motors, Jones Intercable and many others have in common with independent TV, VCR, Audio, Computer and electronic technicians like yourself? They decrease their troubleshooting time and increase their work output efficiency because they use the SEMIANALYZER 59C. The new series 002 SEMIANALYZER (patent pending) is actually three pieces of test gear in one case.

1: First, the SEMIANALYZER 59C will trace active audio, video, digital, PLL or servo signals while simultaneously displaying the DC voltage riding on the signal. The DC voltage LED display measures from 100 mV to 200 VDC, and the AC signal has auto level control ranging from as little as one millivolt to as much as 50 VRMS. Once you familiarize yourself with this form of troubleshooting, you'll find that many complex problems can be easily traced to the defective component, often without even needing a schematic!

2: Now, in the suspicious area, switch the SEMIANALYZER to the junction tester. Check in circuit, semiconductors such as transistors, diodes, and LEDs. No switching of test leads is required, and the display reads out in plain English the type and condition, even the number of junctions. It also beeps different tones for normal, leaky, or shorted conditions so you can keep your eyes on your work!

3: The junctions seem ok, but how do you know if they are to spec? Measure the voltage breakdown non-destructively with the VBD tester. The 59C can check vbd of semiconductors, capacitors, LEDs, neons, switches, almost any component, up to 175 VDC. Imagine being able to check a 12 volt zener diode in circuit for the proper voltage without having to turn the unit on!

And the noise of the junction breakdown is amplified for you via the built-in speaker. Now you can find the noisy transistor in that amplifier, or that neon bulb that is creating RF interference, without even turning on the unit!

The optional infra-red probe plugs into the SEMIANALYZER 59C and will check the range of remote controls, the output of CD lasers or VCR center post LEDs. Much more accurate than the silly IR card, plus you can hear the pulse train of a remote. It's real handy for spotting intermittant problems.

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