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"Thank you for making such a fine product available to the technical service industry. I am delighted with the CapAnalyzer units purchased in March. Please keep up the good work." -Cliff Erickson, KFWD-TV52 Irving, TX
"I know you have a boatload of letters singing the praises of the 88A DCR ESR Cap Analyzer, but I just had to write. I've been using one for years now, and I can't tell you how much troubleshooting time it has saved me. Truly a great product at a great price. Thanks!" -Jim Hartland, MTC Technician, COX Communications
"We repair industrial electronic parts and after years of struggling to identify faulty electrolytics it was an instant joy to find a piece of test equipment that does the job instantly and extemely effectively. Being a design engineer myself, I am always impressed with well designed electronic equipment. This is an excellent piece of work by your engineers." -Wilkie Electronics, Scotland, United Kingdom.
"I received my 88A tester on Thursday and put it directly to work. We used it (in place of our Cap Wizard) to troubleshoot 35-40 of a monitor / power supply board that we commonly work on. The Wizard has served us well but I wanted a second cap tester for extended production / backup. I was skeptical about your unit as we normally do not see many "shorted" caps so I did not think the DCR testing would be of much benefit. WRONG! It immediately notified us of other (non cap related) problems in about 6 of the boards. It only took about 10 minutes of use (per person) to get the 'hang' of the probes and develop some efficiency. Will be using it next week on another 50 or so boards. The Wizard has now become our 'backup' tester. Thanks for convincing me to try your product. I am positive it will play a major part in our service work." -Mark Allen, Trident Data Systems, Denver

"I used my ecg cap tester today and it called a cap out of circuit good and gave the correct value. The CAPANALYZER 88A called it bad; I replaced the cap and repaired the tv set. What a tool! Thanks" -Stout's tv-vcr, Louisville, KY.
"Thank you very much for coming out with a product that rescued me from every TV Repairman's worst nightmare. CAPANALYZER 88A came through and through, in circuit, out of circuit...I am very thankful for a product of that caliber now I can do away with the CAPACITOR WIZARD...THANK YOU,AGAIN. Keep up the good work." -Bill from Alberta,Canada

"Thank you for a really fine product. We received our EDS88A capacitor checker today. I had a circuit board from an obsolete converter and tested almost all the electrolytics and was very impressed with the quality and functionality of the unit. I am sure this unit will definately help us in our repairs of cable converters." -Time Warner Cable, Bakersfield, CA.

"The EDS-88A works great, I have used the sencores in the past when I was a project-R/D engineer in Ronkonkoma but for trouble shooting and things the LCR does not tell you, this is far better. -Audio Radio, Boca Raton, FL

"Can't praise the CapAnalyzer enough. It has been well worth it's price; I use it everyday and take it on all home calls." -Walton Service Center, Luling, LA

"I did not believe it, even when I read the reviews by the other shops, but I ordered it and it is the best thing since Pepsi Cola. I fixed two dogs the first day" -Video TV And Appliance, Tarboro, NC

"I compared your CapAnalyzer 88A to a Sencore LC103 Rezolver. Surprisingly, the very expensive Sencore was not as accurate (in-circuit), as the CapAnalyzer 88A..." -Newman's Vacuums & Appliances, Santa Monica, CA

"I have used my CAPANALYZER 88A for about two mounths now, and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with this meter. I have fixed power suppies in less than 1 hour with it" -HAPPY IN PENNA.-tony (hobbyist)

"I have purchased both the capanalyzer and the leakseeker in the last 6months-just wanted to tell you how very happy I am with both. Please let me know when any new products come out." -Bob K., Mitchell, SD

"This is the best piece of test equipment I ever bought for capacitors" -TV Doctor, Glen Burnie, MD

"WOW! What a time saver...already paid for itself...accurate, fast..." -FMS Electronics, Corona, CA

"I like the speed, accuracy, and more income from sale of more capacitors and satisfaction knowing you've eliminated all bad capacitors" -Electronic Service Depot, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

"I've been using the Sencore Z meter, but I had a dog TV and no schematic, and I had given up...when my CapAnalyzer came in, I tried it and found 3 bad caps; it paid for half its cost" -Saxton Electronics, Potsdam, NY

"Your CapAnalyzer is much more accurate than my Creative Electronics ESR meter...less false readings...very quick to use. I have recommended it to many other shops" -D&D Electronics, Pueblo, CO

"Found a big difference in accuracy in comparing the CapAnalyzer to my Creative Electronics analog type ESR...able to test for shorted caps, better probes. Have not had any "in-circuit" conditions that have fooled it yet" -Radio Shack, Billings, MT

"Your CapAnalyzer is quick and easy to use...replaced Sencore LC102 and Cap Wizard...it's proven 100% in circuit testing, even found bad gold cap in a vcr..." -Cunningham Electronics, Ontario, Canada

"Used the Creative Electronics ESR meter...I like yours more because it does accurate tests in circuit" -Merritt Elgered Electronics, BC, Canada

"In circuit speed of testing allows the time to check many "unrelated" caps and usually finds and fixes an "unrelated" problem..." -Precision Elex, Mt. Vernon, WA

"I've used your CapAnalyzer for six months...I like it more than my Creative Electronics ESR meter because of its auto cap discharge and DCR manual threshold setting features, and especially its automatic testing" -Circuit City, Hicksville, NY

"The EDS-88 is fast and accurate...it finds the bad caps in circuit every time...my most valuable time-saving troubleshooter. Replaced Sencore LC102 7 months ago" -Riley Electronics, Warner Robins, GA

"I like the CapAnalyzer more than both my Sencore LC53 Z meter and Philips Cap meter because of ease of use and speed of checking a circuit" -Cove Electronics, Panama City, FL

"How easy it is to use - 15 minutes after reading instructions had fixed VCR power supply. I like it more than my B&K and Tenma meters" -Stan's Place, Arcadis, FL

"The speed and accuracy of checking caps in-circuit..helped me solve 2 problems on IBM monitors...it's a great tool" -Stateside Data, Greensboro, NC

"I like the EDS-88 more than the CapWizard and the Tenma because of the automatic incircuit testing" -General Audio Electronics, Marietta, GA

"Impressed with the CapAnalyzer and am proud to be an owner...I like the warning lights..." -Arcade Sound, Ontario, Canada

"I like both the CapAnalyzer and the Sencore, but the CapAnalyzer has a definate advantage in that it can find defective caps in circuit" -Don's TV, Weyauwega, WI

"Capanalyzer is easy to work with, saves pulling caps out of the pcb...the little sucker works" -A-1 TV / Deville Satellite, Donalsonville, GA

"No false readings, accurate" -Spurgen's TV & VCR, Lumberton, NC

"CapAnalyzer faster in-circuit testing than Sencore LC 77..." -Technical Aspects, San Angelo, TX

"The CapAnalyzer replaced Tenma, Micronta, and Heathkit testers...I like yours best because of ease of use, speed, and so far it has been 100% right every time. I like most the feature that it tests caps without having to discharge them first" -Days's TV, Marietta, OH

"I use the Sencor LC102 and a Creative Electronics ESR tester. I like the CapAnalyzer more than the Creative unit (the Sencore is best for out-of-circuit tests for cap value). I like best the CapAnalyzer's feature that it is automatic and it works. It is such a timesaver, I bought two more for my techs. Thanks again..." -Electronics Service Labs, Wethersfield, CT

"I like your CapAnalyzer more than my Creative Electronics ESR meter. It is easy to use, fast and accurate. It will show a shorted cap-the only (ESR) meter that does. An excellent piece of test equipment" -Farrell Electronics, S. Portland, ME

"I've used the Sencore LC102, B&K, and the Cap Wizard, and I like the CapAnalyzer 88 more because of its intuitive design, in-circuit performance, portability, and fast analysis" -Barry Consulting, Scottsdale, AZ

"After receiving my CapAnalyzer, I showed it to my college teacher...he bought one and has since recommended the CapAnalyzer to others" -Chuck Ganze (student) Baytown, TX

"Replaced my B&K 830 with the CapAnalyzer; the in-circuit capability is most impressive" -Nelson's TV Service, Westminister, MD

"I like the CapAnalyzer more than my Mastech for in-circuit evaluation tests" -Arbutus TV, Arbutus, TX

"My Sencore Z Meter was replaced by my CapAnalyzer about a year ago. Your unit is fast and easy for in-circuit quick tests" -Wales TV, Lake Wales, FL

"I have been using the CapAnalyzer for two months instead of my Sencore Z meter. It is small and easy to use. I haven't learned to trust it yet but so far it has been right" -Precision TV, Lake Wales, FL

"Your unit is very good for the cost...replaced a Sencore LC102, more realistic on ESR readings." -TCL Electronics, Brooksville, FL

"My CapAnalyzer is easier to use and more efficient than my Sencore LC102. I most like the combination of features and small package size" -Adirondack Electronic Service, Ft. Edward, NY

"Great for testing caps in recording consoles...the auto discharge feature is impressive" -Howard Schwartz Recording, New York, NY

"I like my CapAnalyzer more than my Tenma cap checker for in-circuit testing, and because of the automatic discharging and DCR check" -Elton TV Service, St. Louis, MO

"It's faster and more accurate than my B&K in spotting the weak caps in power supplies, especially when there are multiple "ganged" filters. Inexpensive and very reliable" -Town & Country Electronics, Hightstown, NJ

"I like the Capanalyzer more than the Creative Electronics ESR meter because of the DCR set alert" -Voice & Video, Darham, CT

"Quick and accurate...audible (alerts) and automatic discharge feature...Your update support on your website is most appreciated" -Waltronics, Waukesha, WI

"I want to thank EDS inc. for excellent products (Capanalyzer and Leakseeker), also I want personally express my gratitude to Dave Miga of EDS-inc, for his help and excellent customers service." -Zurab Gaprindashvili, Electrical engineer; Republic of Georgia


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