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Dave's wood, stained glass and home renovation photos in Boca Raton

Dave has been a woodworker since the age of 8 years, and also learned carpentry, as well as masonry (tiling, brick laying and construction) from the Polish contracting side of his family, and learned to do HVAC and electrician's duties from service people who maintained his father's delicatessens. Along the way he added plumbing (soldering copper was natural segway from soldering in electronics). Helping to keep maintained the old Amityville Victorian house he lived in from 1965 to 1970 gave Dave the experience and appreciation of the old masters. Also picked up throughout the years came restoration, designing and construction of stained glass. Most of his projects of wood, glass, cut stone tiling and furniture building are most evident in the big west Boca Raton estate in Winding Lakes, with some photos of Joy's Boca Raton kitchen which Dave built after much persuation and having little to do during the "great recession". Dave went on to build wall units, display cabinets, cocktail tables and other furniture for Joy's house.

Here you will find just a few of these projects: Master Bathroom furniture and stained glass, master bedroom waincotting, ceiling starscape, dining room arched windows, travertine walls and marble inlaid floor, foyer archway and bamboo ceiling, grand entranceway with a custom sapele door with stained glass sidelights, Joy's kitchen, Dave's kitchen, office/library, pool restoration and glass tiling, sitting room, 1930's second-floor theater, huge Victorian stained glass window in the master bath, the wall unit with bar, and so on.

By no means is this web page complete. There are still posts to be done of the seashack bathroom with its illuminated seashell mirror, the Cave bathroom with semi-precious stones embedded in the walls and ceiling, with travertine waterfalls into onyx basins, the Tuscan 1300 bottle wine oak cellar, and now that Dave is in Odessa, the new house will have its own web page soon. Stay tuned!

Master Bath light

Master bath linen cabinet

Master Bath medicine cabinet

Cabinet open

Master bath vanity

Vanity detail

Vanity lamp

Master bedroom starscape blacklight flourescent ceiling

Master east wall shows mahogany wainscotting and Santos Mahogany flooring.

Master west wall. Paint is wedgewood blue venitian plaster finish.

Dave starting wainscotting with African mahogany veneer and Titebond glue.

West window dining room is arched and built with African Mahogany and custom iron hardware.

Marble inlaid floor of dining room features travertine border around carrera marble.

Dave starting faux distressed travertine block wall

Dining room faux wall done, window open details

Finished dining room west side

Finished dining room east side. Note the Sapele wood on the floor to become the Grand Entranceway door.

Enter through pearlized antique columns and glass shelves showing off the Murano collection.

Dave starting the bamboo ceiling of the Asian foyer.

Foyer archway to the old living room is started.

Finished Grand Entranceway features a 120-piece 8-foot Sapele door, stained-glass sidelights and transom.

Sapele door for grand entranceway is being built. It will take nine months.

Window of Sapele door is being finished.

Both sidelights for grand entranceway are done. They feature creatures and plants of Florida.

Beautiful in the east morning light

Dave starts the island in Joy's kitchen after building the lower cabinets.

Joy's kitchen is done. A secret cabinet is contained in the wall upper right. Can you find it?

Dave's kitchen, cooking counter view. Dave did the cabinets, glass, tiles, plumbing and electrical.

Detail of garbage chute in island

Dave's kitchen island with wine cooler is done. All wood is red oak.

Kitchen pantry features a second microwave and pull-out shelves.

Preparation counter has the most important spice rack, appliance garage and Ironstone/Wedgewood display.

Dave's kitchen finally done, 2001. A cherry table Dave builds would eventually replace the Rooms To Go table.

Mahogany desk with library hutch is built into living room, which now becomes the new office/library.

The new office/library with wine cellar (out of view on the right)

Pool marsite being removed in 2017 to repair and tile pool. 1000 square feet of glass tile is ordered.

120,000 tiles laid, here is the last one, year 2018 inscribed on the tile.

All tiles laid, grouted and sealed. This took eight gruelling months. Never again!

Waterfall for the pool is built from Lucite, box with tiles will cover later

Dave routing wood for the office desk

The sitting room is what is left after office and wine cellar are built. Walls are venitian plaster in Wedgewood blue.

The nine pictures here and below are of the 1930's theater as you turn counter-clockwise, starting with the north corner.

The spiral staircase and the rear wall with mahogany columns. Center column hides the Sim2 DLP projector.

The rear wall of the theater shows the mahogany columns and crystal sconces and some movie posters

The west corner of the theater shows the Lazy Boy recliners. These are custom made and feature sonic transducers.

Curtain hides the French doors and sidelights opening to the South American walnut balcony overlooking Winding Lake.

The south corner views the right speaker panels and the screen.

The front view of the ten-foot screen and all three speaker panels. Note the gold coffered ceiling.

The east corner shows the entrance to the Wizard of Oz room that holds all the equipment

Coming almost where we started, here is the fireplace and spiral staircase.

Dave is rebuilding a huge Victorian window destined for the master bath. Restoration required after Hurricane Francis.

After rebuilding the window, a red oak frame with sidelights is added and installed.

In 2004 a new wall unit is started to hold the flat screen TV and a nice bar. This is one of the complex transmission line speaker systems.

The right speaker system is being assembled with the subwoofer section shown.

The bar section of the wall unit is done and left speaker is installed.

The TV, equipment, computer and digital storage cabinets are added, along with the left speaker and subwoofer.

The display clock tower is added.

The display case is added and finally, all 13 pieces of the wall unit are done.