The TeleTester EDS-69B is shown.

The TeleTester III EDS-69B is shown. There were three versions depending on features.

Original owners manual: EDS-69A   EDS-69B

Original ad:
If you repair telecommunications equipment such as answering machines, fax machines, computer Voice/Fax/Modem boards, cordless telephones and other accessories, testing these units either requires you to tie up two phone lines, or to spend $500+ for dedicated test equipment like the B&K 1045. But there is another choice... the economical TELETESTER 69 series by EDS. The TELETESTER 69A (not shown) is a basic one-channel, uni-directional telephone line simulator that provides the on-line, off-hook, ring, and hang-up (CPC) signals for telephones and answering machines. All selections are switched manually and you can switch in dial tone or ring signals. Plug any cheap telephone in the moni jack and you can ring, and talk to the device in the test jack. A single mod LED monitors audio levels. The TELETESTER 69B (shown above) is a dual channel, bi-directional fully automatic simulator that will fool even the most fussy answering machines, fax machines or computer fax/modem/voice boards, and will check both transmitting and receiving functions of the unit under test. Plug in any phone/fax in the A jack, dial any number and the device in the B jack will ring. Switch the mode switch and the B unit can call back to the A unit. Besides being fully automatic, the ring and dial tone functions can be forced on or off manually, and the audio level indicator is a four LED FCC calibrated display. A busy signal tone feature is also included. Both TELETESTER units feature DTMF (touch-tone) display of the number dialed, two-line capability (in test/B jacks), line activity indicators, and CPC test. Be advised that both TELETESTER units will not ring old bell type telephones or display the number dialed by rotary pulse type phones. Like all EDS equipment, our exclusive 60 day satisfaction or money-back guarantee applies, as well as a three-year warranty on parts and labor.