ProCar was invented and designed over a two-year period in the early 1990's by Dave Miga, the founder of EDS, after a series of carjacking events in South Florida. Dave wrote about it in Modern Electronics Magazine as a construction article and with the hopes that the world was ready for such advanced technology as an "owner-recognizing" automobile security system. Alas, the world would not be ready for several decades after Dave invented it, while many auto-owning electronics enthusiasts bought the kit and built it themselves. No one knows how many of these ProCar 1 systems were actually completed and installed. Dave installed two of them on his own two vehicles at the time, a 1984 SVO Turbo Mustang and on a 1995 Escort station wagon. Before selling the two cars, in 1998 Dave removed the ProCar 1 from both cars and installed one on his 1997 Dinan E36 BMW M3. As of this writing January 1, 2018, Dave still has his M3 in showcar condition with ProCar1 installed and on demonstration. The last ProCar 1 prototype is sadly sitting in a box in the attic. Links at the bottom of the original ad supplies installation and owners manuals. Any ProCar 1 owners may contact EDS for schematics, pcb layouts, etc.

ProCar 1:
The world's only Anti-Theft Anti-Carjack Owner Recognized Intelligent Protection System

The ProCar 1 automobile anti-theft system is the standard for all other so called "theft deterrent" systems to compare themselves to. Designed by an electronic engineer with over 20 years of alarm design experience, the ProCar 1 system is designed with "cost no object" philosophy.

The ProCar 1 system is unlike any other system because of its unique combination of features not available from any other source, combined with the quality of its components and circuit design. The "human engineering" concept that makes ProCar 1 the most sophisticated anti-theft system also makes it the easiest system to use. No hidden switches or keypads to fuss with, or for a car thief to find. Because the system integrates so well with the automobile, it's the perfect choice for new car dealer installations.

For example, there are no "hidden" valet or disarm switches that need to be installed, yet ProCar 1 features protected valet, temporary disarm for service, panic, anti-carjack, and standard and high security modes. Because ProCar 1 is an intelligent system, true carjacker or car thief recognition circuitry is built in; the system remains on at all times and protects the car while driving, as well as when parked. The ProCar 1 system automatically arms and disarms as it recognizes the comings and goings of the car owner, even automatically locking and unlocking the doors, giving verbal warnings first. Even as ProCar automatically arms and disarms, the intelligence module allows package loading and unloading with no "timing circuits" to have to rush against. The remote does not even have to be used at all, although it adds arm, disarm, insta-stop and panic features. Our exclusive insta-stop circuit will warn a carjacker (with a voice chip) that the engine will stop, then cuts both ignition AND fuel from the engine and sounds an internal siren--all from outside the vehicle with just one push of a remote button... or let ProCar handle the carjacker automatically, safely. The remote receiver has a unique code-protection scheme that eliminates code breakers and scanners. An additional option is a special Sensormatic resonant wafer that resides in the owner's wallet or purse. This allows ProCar to confirm the owner's identity while seated in the vehicle.

Compare the features, expandability, quality, ease of installation, and most importantly, ease of use with any other system. No one else even comes close to the ProCar 1 system.
1: Automatic passive arming and disarming in Standard Security mode, allows family members to drive, without remote.
2: Arming delay reset for package loading and unloading. Take your time, there's no time limit!
3: Carjacker recognition- no reaction required from driver! ProCar first warns carjacker, then disables auto.
4: ProCar 1 protects the vehicle at all times...parked or driving...24 hours a day.
5: High Security mode requires recognition of owner before allowing engine to start.
6: Voice module warns carjacker that auto will be disabled; also confirms activation of ProCar's special features.
7: Solid-State fuel, starter, ignition, engine module sensor cutoffs with dual failsafe circuitry. ProCar uses mosfets, not relays!
8: Solid-State lights flasher- ProCar uses mosfets with short-proof circuit breakers. No fuses or relays!
9: Fully Expandable with external arming/disarming and sensor inputs, extra siren outputs.
10: Can tie into vehicle's existing keyless entry or security system... as if it were factory installed.
11: Select PROTECTED VALET, HIGH SECURITY, SERVICE, or PANIC modes while driving, using NO hidden switches or remote. Voice module confirms all selections.
12: Protected valet does not disarm system; even the valet driver is protected from carjackers! And the car remains protected.
13: ProStart remote engine starting module will tie into ProCar perfectly...using any remote.
14: Four-function remote with insta-stop stops engine from outside the vehicle, after verbal warnings to driver.
15: Automatic door locking and unlocking as system automatically arms and disarms.
16: Two modules make installation easier than single-module systems. Engine won't run if either module is cut out.


Installation is made easier by using TWO modules: The Logic module mounts under the dash and has all of the sensor inputs, and the Power module mounts in the engine compartment and has the siren, lights flasher, and engine disable electronics. The modules connect with just one thin cable. The anti-carjack circuit needs to monitor the driver's and passenger doors separately, but your installer needs only to access the driver's door switch! ProCar's unique circuitry does the rest. The engine electronics consist of two circuits that bring a line down to ground and a third circuit that opens a power line. Typically, one "down" line can short out an ignition coil negative line, the ESD line can interfere with an engine computer input, while the "power line open" circuit removes power from the fuel injectors or engine relay, or starter circuit. No damage will occur, and the installation instructions describe many other ways these circuits may be wired. These circuits use heavy-duty mosfets, use no relays, have backup circuits and are VERY reliable. ProCar 1 has features for protected Valet parking, temporary disarm for Service mode, High security mode, and Panic mode, yet no switches have to be installed for these features! Instead, the user chooses any momentary switch already in the car, and can select each function by the number of taps. The only mounted component inside the car is the three-color flashing LED!


Because ProCar 1 automatically arms and disarms (in the Standard security mode), you can drive normally and not worry about turning on or off the system, yet be fully protected, even while driving! This makes the basic ProCar 1 system easy to use by people who don't want to be bothered by hidden switches or remotes.
Yet, the system is expandable for remote or keyless entry and optional Sensormatic RFID owner recognition, and has the bells and whistles, such as voice module and option selections to make the gadget freaks happy. For example, you can tap your selected switch five times to activate the VALET mode, or four taps for HIGH security, and ProCar will acknowledge with its voice module. With the remote control, you can access four functions, including engine insta-stop, and ProCar 1 can automatically lock and unlock the door locks as it arms and disarms. The remote will also interface perfectly with the optional ProStart remote engine starting module, so the driver can disarm ProCar, unlock the driver's door, start the engine, turn on the parking lights and the air conditioner... all by remote control! ProCar will continue to protect the car against carjackers while the engine runs and the interior cools off or heats up.
The ProCar 1 system is available as individual modules or complete systems, in kit form or as completed units. The kit version was written about in the February, March, May and June, 1995 issues of Electronics Now magazine.
Complete ProCar system with all sensors, locking relays, and both sirens $499, suggested retail $799 installed.
Basic ProCar 1 system without locking relays, no remote or sirens $399.
Complete system includes all modules, remotes, internal and external sirens, motion, shock, glass sensor. Individual modules, sensors, sirens, remotes available to custom build the system to any vehicle; see factory.

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