Electronic Design Specialists
Electronic Design Specialists (EDS), incorporated March 17, 1986, is a privately held Florida S-corporation with no debt.
President/CEO: David T. Miga, CET

Dave in 1973 at his workbench Article: The Trials and Tribulations of an American Inventor

Although Dave has been providing technical and engineering services since 1972, the EDS name became established when Dave designed the original SemiAnalyzer 59A in 1985, which he designed originally for himself to increase his output as a subcontract service technician. After other technicians saw the amount of help the second-generation SemiAnalyzer 59B was providing and asking Dave to custom build them their own units, EDS was transformed into a viable business and incorporated a year later. Used by the military, fortune 500 companies, individual service technicians, and many technical trade schools and colleges, the now-famous third-generation SemiAnalyzer 59C was just the first in a series of unique test solutions to aid various technical specialties.

Following the EDS-59C SemiAnalyzer was the EDS-68 Bus Line Tracer, which located shorted and leaky components to their exact location on the PC board, the EDS-69 Teletester series, which simulated two telephone lines for repairing answering machines and faxes, and the EDS-76 MicroAnalyzer, which was designed to help microwave oven technicians check all parts in-circuit under high-voltage load.

But Dave didn't just design test equipment. Dave started to invent life-improving solutions to make his life better and tried marketing some of them. You will recognize many of these life-changing items as ones you now use daily, or wish you had known about, not realizing they had already been invented, years ago.

In 1995, Dave designed two of his three most intensive projects, ProCar (the first owner-recognizing auto security system) and the Selective Teletransfer Unit STU that eliminates all nuisance calls and unifies your life and business, home and mobile, into one phone number. Many copies of both inventions were made in the following decades. STU was shown on CNBC and Dave was interviewed on FOX Channels 29 and 12 in Palm Beach County. See the YouTube video:

dave youtube video

At the St. Louis NESDA convention in 1996, EDS introduced the EDS-82A LeakSeeker , a digital, automatic version of the Bus Line Tracer, with many more capabilities. During 1997, EDS introduced the world's best and fastest in-circuit electrolytic capacitor checker, the EDS-88 CapAnalyzer . After discontinuing Leakseeker 82B in 2012 when its ancient parts list became too difficult to source, loyal EDS fans became quite verbal and forced Dave to redesign LeakSeeker into the EDS-89, a super high-tech version of the EDS-82B with greater sensitivity and range, and much smaller, with its world-wide power adapter, the entire world accepted the LeakSeeker 89 with great enthusiasm.

Besides test equipment, throughout the years EDS has made many devices for internal marketing, as well as for other companies, on an OEM basis. Past products invented by Dave and made for EDS resale sales are the EDS-83 home/business Voice-Alert security system, the first security system with voice alert technology, the EDS-80 ProCar, the first auto anti-theft owner-recognizing anti-carjack security system with voice-alert and resonant wafer (RFID), the EDS-71 A/C Sentry air conditioning compressor monitoring efficiency-improving energy recovering system, now used in all central A/C systems, the EDS-63 "Christmas Computer", the first programmable light show controller designed for a Christmas light show, and the pool-alert (to detect motion or overfill). Other past products are the EMS-911 which was the first successful integration of the home/business security system and the commercial environmental flood and heat monitoring wireless network system, and the EDS-81 LinEx and STU telephone line-expanding and call filtration telecommunications systems. Systems designed for the OEM market span the medical, security, HVAC, remote control and telemetry, military, industrial plating, automotive (climate control, engine computers and remote start), robotic, and some really strange and unique projects. EDS clients range from single inventors to fortune 100 companies.
In 2014, Dave retired the manufacturing division of EDS products and made design and engineering new and unique products for his many OEM clients, mostly in the medical industry creating laser, photonic and bionic devices, with some HVAC, system and motion control and other unique products. In 2019, Dave moved operations to his ranch in the Tampa area (Odessa), increasing the sizes of the lab and machine shops, making building prototypes easier.


16611 Willow Glen Dr, Odessa, FL 33556