Dave Miga building a batch of MicroAnalyzers First run of the MicroAnalyzer 76 (EDS-76)
Dave Miga building the first batch of EDS-76 MicroAnalyzers (1990)

Original owners manual: EDS-76

Do you repair microwave ovens? If you do, you know that their high negative voltages make it impossible to measure using a normal DMM. Also, the high-voltage components, such as the capacitor, transformer, diode and magnetron cannot be checked properly with ordinary digital multimeters, cap checkers or transistor checkers. To quote one of our customers... "Unless you use the MICROANALYZER 76, you're simply guessing." Actually there are three individual test instruments in one case. The MICROANALYZER : 1: Checks in circuit, at high voltages, HV diodes, capacitors, all three transformer windings, and magnetron, and displays shorted, leaky, or normal components with four neon indicators. 2: Measures 500, or 5000 volts, AC or DC with auto-polarity and auto-decimal point, in two ranges with overload protection. If you've ever tried to use a TV HV probe backwards and almost electrocuted yourself, or fried your DMM, you'll appreciate this. 3: A Semi-Test circuit is built in for board-level testing of triacs, transistors, diodes, and mosfets. It also is a handy continuity tester for checking those pesky door safety switches. All test leads are included, along with a reprint of the July/August 1993 Appliance Tech Talk article "Understanding and Servicing Microwave Ovens" by David Miga, CET. On-line telephone assistance is included with your MICROANALYZER. And just like all EDS products, the MICROANALYZER 76 comes with our exclusive 60 day satisfaction or money back guarantee, and a three-year parts and labor warranty. Why not order right now, and start repairing microwave ovens profitably, and stop wasting your time guessing and substituting! Electronic Design Specialists, Inc. we make test equipment designed to make you money.