Electronic Design Specialists (EDS) can design and make a prototype of your product or idea.


Circuit Design

EDS can take your idea and design a circuit that can be as simple as a single-transistor device, or as complex as an FDA approved microcontroller-based system controller for a class 4 medical laser treatment unit. We have done a variety of unusual projects, and specialize in digital, analog, RF and AF gear, home and auto security systems, wireless environmental monitoring systems, engine control computers, remote control, test equipment, system control, power supplies, telecommunications gear, and digital speech interface systems. In fact, we are the inventors and originators of many of the things you use daily, such as the wireless auto alarm, the energy recovery system used in all current HVAC systems, the first digital HVAC remote control via telephone (no, it wasn't Nest), the first owner-recognizing auto security system via RFID, and voicechip integration into environmental monitoring and security systems, among many other interesting projects for many clients.
After building it, we can submit your finished prototype for UL, CSA, CE, FDA or FCC approval, as required. EDS can also reverse-engineer an older, discontinued product, and bring it up to modern production standards.

Printed Circuit Layout

Chief engineer and founder of EDS, Dave Miga, has been designing PC boards since 1972. We were among the first to use computerized PCB layout programs in the early 1980's, and use DesignCad, Protel, TraxMaker, CircuitCam and BoardMaster programs. All designs use state-of-the-art ground-return, bus layout, and design-rule checking principles to be sure the design works properly, under all conditions. We can not only design and make standard FR4 boards, but also the new surface mounted components, aluminum substrate pc boards used in high-intensity LED lighting. Our Florida production facilities are ISO9001:2000 registered and certified with ISO13485:2003 registered medical device manufacture status. We can fabricate, stuff, wavesolder through-hole or reflow oven surface-mount components, and QC your small quantity production boards right here in Florida.

Prototype Construction
In just a day, EDS can design and fabricate a blank prototype PC board on our LPKF CNC pcb milling/drilling machine, stuff the prototype PC assembly including surface-mount in our reflow oven, and even machine the cabinet and build the entire prototype itself, all in a day (depending on simplicity, of course). And going beyond the prototype stage, we can assemble small quantities of your product here in the USA, and we also have connections in China and India for larger volumes.

Short-Run Production
If your needs are small, EDS will be happy to run off as few as five pieces at a time. Production is hand-assembled, through-hole or surface-mount devices in any combination, and any problems or details are noted and modified.

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