S.T.U. Selectively Transfers Calls with only One Line

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The $500,000 a year one-man business is now possible...

If you are a one-man operation and have to leave your home or business for a service call or meeting, you've probably always wished for a way to have only important callers reach your cellphone, without the nusance calls, faxes, and wrong numbers that ordinary "call-forwarding" results in. S.T.U..(Selective Teletransfer Unit) will turn your single phone landline into the image of a large company and create the ability to selectively transfer important callers, while directing the non-important calls to your answering machine. Callers don't even need to know your cellphone number. Installation is a snap; STU simply connects between your telephone line and answering machine. STU turns your answering machine into an electronic receptionist with the ability to transfer selected callers to your cellphone on command. And because STU uses the three-way-calling feature availiable from your local phone company, you don't need a second phone line like similiar systems.

Imagine your callers being greeted with this example outgoing message:
"Thank you for calling Professional TV Service. If you are checking on a repair, please remain on the line. For urgent service, please press two".........(silence for five seconds)..........."Thank you for waiting. All technicians are with other customers. Please leave your name and phone number at the tone and the next availiable technician will return your call shortly."

Current customers checking on a repair will wait and leave a message. New customers wanting urgent service will press two and be told by the built-in voice chip that their call is being transferred, and will be transferred to your cellphone (or any telephone number). Wrong numbers and telemarketers will simply hang up without causing any problems.

The level of importance is controlled by the way you make your outgoing message. You control the ability to transfer by calling your own number and entering your secret code. There are also buttons on the front panel so you can set transfer on or off before you leave. You can also turn STU on or off remotely when you call in. You can program STU to call any number; cellular, pager, another office, etc. Your customers only need to know your one home/office number. You can set the number that your caller pushes to transfer, from 1 to 9. The VIC (Very Important Caller) features allows chosen callers to override the "transfer off" function and reach you immediately in the case of an emergency. And another important feature: your answering machine continues to record while the transfer is in session so you can play back the entire conversation when you get home to get valuable information you didn't have time to write down.

STU is part 68 FCC accepted.